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Waiting for Rifkind to do his thing

The Intelligence and Security Committee will soon publish its report into the killing of Lee Rigby.

It will conclude that the Security Service needs more powers to spy on British citizens. It will demand a greater level of operational activity on the part of MI5 and Special Branch, and thus greater funding. It may hint at the need for more draconian anti-terror legislation. It won’t mention the Secret Intelligence Service whatsoever, despite the seminal events that occurred abroad. In terms of actual criticism, it will probably hint at better inter-departmental communication. Well, possibly. If that. It will certainly contain, at the very least, qualified praise for all the services involved.

I know what the ISC is, and I think I know which way its chairman leans too. He fell under the spell a long, long time ago.  How did Lord Macdonald describe him? “Badly compromised.”

I have little doubt, but let’s see.

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