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The British Government At War, 2015

Before our aircrew conducted their attacks, as is normal they used the aircraft’s advanced sensors to confirm that no civilians were in the proximity of the targets, who might be placed at risk.

Civilian proximity detectors. Yeah, sure.

I wonder if the Syrian government will ever get its oilfields back. I doubt it. The Iraqi government lost the oilfields of Kurdistan a couple of years ago. The former Shell CEO, the disgraced Tony Hayward, was entrusted to steal all of that. No doubt he has been briefed about Syria.

There will be British banks handling the financing.

Turning the airspace over the Syrian oil fields into a permanent bombing zone is obviously how the West hopes to lever Assad out. According to one MP the aerial campaign is expected to run for three years. Presumably that’s how long the Asfari Foundation has to groom some plausible-looking puppets.

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. Iraq survived having its oil exports commandeered by the UN. It took a ground invasion to bring down Saddam. In another five to ten years I suppose Damascus will be weak enough for Operation Syrian Freedom. Sometime after the 2020 election, say. It will be justified by a humanitarian catastrophe or a terrible terrorist incident, neither of which can actually be attributed to the Assad government. As usual, Western fatalities will mostly consist of friendly fire incidents and traffic accidents. The same suspects you saw braying for war yesterday will deliver the traditional rhetoric (Benn is obviously counting on still being around). It will prove just as disastrous as the invasions of Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan.

I can’t see how it can stopped. I suppose Syria might decide to abandon its sovereignty and prostate itself before wholly predatory forces, but countries can’t really do that any more than pigs can fly. They have to be crushed first, and only an escalation into global war or the complete collapse of the financial markets can now prevent this from happening. While both are ultimately inevitable at some point, they hardly constitute a preferable alternative.

Britain could perhaps delay things (and salvage some of its own conscience) if it developed a truly responsible government. This would require the widespread rejection of the mainstream media, and for enlarged party memberships to effectively control the political class. How likely do you think that is?

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  1. Merry Christmas Rob

    Tornadoes are fitted with IR detectors capable of picking out humans (even hidden). The technology was used in the search for Raoul Moat (mabe that was a Jaguar I can’t remember). Anyway the technology is there but as your scepticism betrays they have a job to tell if its a civilian sheltering from an perceived bombing run or a sniper or a Jihadi making plans to blow up London.
    And yes the head of the ISIS snake in Raqqa got confused for oil wellheads, with over 2 Trillion US Dollars in the bank I think its a bit late to be thinking of turning off their income stream, at the oil fields at least.
    But have our airmen gone on strike, has there been another, India style, RAF mutiny or do our boys object to being sent by US warlords in Qatar (Combined Air and Space Center) to bomb Syrian babies.
    But the British three year air offensive, in Syria, didn’t make three days which gave Fallon the opportunity to come out with “We have no confirmation we have killed any civilians yet” (oil workers have never really been civilians)
    Chilcot still not guiding UK foreign policy, just as well whilst the US are doing that or Chillers may be in for the Dr Kelly treatment.
    And talking of Dr Kelly a new push set for next year to look forward to;
    As for controlling the political class, well we would need laws for that and the ones we have left don’t apply to the political classes.
    More of the same next year I suspect, but more shameless, more false intelligence led, more lies, more loss of freedoms and of course more US created wars.

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