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“Eradicate Right-Wing Vermin” T-Shirt is NOT photoshopped by Right-Wing

*** EDIT: Error level analysis is not a sufficiently robust tool to reach the conclusion this image is photoshopped. There are other technical reasons which could produce the same result. I am withdrawing this claim. I believe I was wrong to make it. I leave the (angry) article below up as a record, and a warning. I intend to post on error level analysis in the near future. Apologies.***

***FURTHER EDIT: The sister of the man in the t-shirt has contacted me to verify the photo as genuine (see below). The man himself has given an interview with the Sqwawkbox Blog here. I’ve pulled the blog post because the photo has in any case been appropriated by professional political centrists who currently seek to portray half the electorate as a dangerous lynch mob. Indeed, Britain’s richest woman branded him a fascist. He’s actually a health and safety union rep.***


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  1. It’s more likely the image has been sharp filtered to make it clearer. Probably on an automatic setting. This can put a border on edges, such a lettering. It would be risky to fake such an image because you wouldn’t have the consent of the lady involved and she could sue.

    • Thank you Chris. Since posting I have been having gnawing doubts about the legitimacy of “Image Error Level Analysis”. It’s been used by several amateur intelligence analysts whom I regularly disagree with, and one of the sites which offer free online IELA has pulled the service. I think I’ll have to look into it.

    • Thank you for contacting me and sharing the interview. The imaging software I used turned out to be completely unreliable for the purpose which it claimed to fulfil. I am glad your brother has spoken to someone on the record and I hope his health is on the mend. My best wishes to you both. And apologies again.