This is the website and blog of the author Robert Lewis, not to be confused with:

  • Captain Robert “My god, what have we done” Lewis – piloted Enola Gay, while extremely hungover.
  • Detective Sergeant Robert “Another pint, sir?” Lewis – sidekick to Colin Dexter’s much loved Inspector Morse, played on telly by Kevin Whately.
  • Pastor Robert Lewis –  an American Christian author who helps men discover the biblical principles of authentic manhood. I suspect this Robert Lewis may be the odd one out.

I wasn’t named after any of them, I’m not related to them, and they don’t blog.

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  1. Dear Mr Lewis

    I have just finished reading your Dark Actors book. Extremely interesting, I still cannot make up my mind whether Dr David Kelly was officially murdered or committed suicide.

    Yours faithfully
    Perry Harlen
    Mount Maunganui
    New Zealand

  2. Hello Robert,

    I have just finished reading Dark Actors this morning and came across your blog when looking for more information about ‘the author’ and what else you had written. As you are no doubt aware, Google Play Books link a number of other Robert Lewis titles, none of them yours, but can now try your fiction from the blog list.

    It’s been very interesting to read your blog articles too, but foremost I wanted to tell you what an excellent book Dark Actors is and how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. What the secret state will do in our name and with no accountability!!

    In the context of Dark Actors and your interest in the dark arts, I wondered if you had followed the Kevin Halligen story and how he duped virtually the whole of the Washington spook community with the cream having been invited to his wedding, which was then called off at the last moment when he admitted to his bride-to-be that he could not proceed as he was operating under cover. His ‘consultancy’ (Oakley??) was paid millions to help secure the release of some corporate personnel from West Africa, he also took the McCann fund for about £500k and after being extradited to the US for wire fraud trial, was deported back here sometime early last year. Channel 5 did a pretty poor documentary on him and the McCann scam last year.

    Just interested in relation to the nature of his story and how far he got after having worked with him in the electronics industry before he hit the ‘big time’.

    Thanx for writing such a great book.

    John Merrell

    PS. Read Nick Cohen’s review and his moronic reference to impressionable readers being corralled. Will be searching for the other reviews by Aaronovitch and Mangold and reading the views of a ‘real investigative journalist’, as Cohen describes Tom Mangold. I like your old Arab proverb!!

  3. Have just finished your fascinating book on David Kelly ( and the bit about my “yoof” in Pontypridd. I had forgotten my phone interview with the Times all those years ago)).
    It is a very good companion to Norman Baker’s book- but his has far more about the forensic questioning of Kelly’s death, whilst yours covers so much more about the scheming and lying by our governments for the public good- or for Blair’s good?
    One big omission compared with Baker’s book- not a single photo of your subject? Why not? I can’t imagine you wanted to add to the brushing away of his existence by HMG?.
    That apart, what a staggering amount of research you have done, to try to right a huge wrong.
    Must now pop down to the library for some lighter reading– your novels- now I know of them!